Short Film – House Wife

  • Posted onAugust 4th, 2013

Short Film - House Wife

Hot Short Film ‘The Original House Wife” This film is about an extraordinary hot and attractive Housewife. For more Fun Click here
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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  1. Noor Roon says:

    spend my free time with family, friends, exploring new places, basket ball games, concerts, shows, watching movies, and traveling and very careful of woman health


  2. Karaeng Caddiya says:

    hard to understand why there are so many people viewed this stupid movie….

  3. samshoaib1000 says:


  4. RADHA krishnan says:


  5. sgn637 says:

    يا أخي اللي يسب التعلقات الانجلزيه إي والله إنك صادق الكلام كله إنجليز كانهم حاسين إنا مانفهم

  6. Roy S says:

    Hey beautiful

  7. 9734296484 says:

    I sirching dis jobs contct mee

  8. mukesh shing says:

    i want fuck any type house wife

  9. didiksetiawan331 says:


  10. Frankie Gochicoa says:

    Booorriing…how this has gotten 23 million hits, who knows.

  11. tarantino santoz says:


  12. Rick Stacy says:

    Lordy Lordy… An 11 minute 38 second nothing.

  13. Deepak Neniwal says:


  14. Angel R. says:

    You can see the cameraman in the mirror. Lol. What a piece of shit.

  15. Ratbiker says:

    since there doesnt appear to be any point to this film, i have a feeling its made for some kind of perversion. one of which i cant figure out.

  16. shakeel akhtar says:


  17. günni hensel says:

    why don´t you call ME ?

  18. kaleblib says:

    Absolutely no Fkkn point to this film other than the fact that she needs a hobby

  19. OUATTARA Souleymane says:

    trè bel indienne!!!

  20. abumarwan036 says:

    كس امه يله يكتوب بي انجلزي

  21. Waqar Koku says:

    wat the fuck was that…..thinking abt masturbation…

  22. Assl Gmad says:


  23. Robert Horker says:


  24. sbtopjosh says:

    alfred hitchcock eat your heart out

  25. SharIzard James says:

    I couldn’t handle Jimmy’s face in this video haha.

  26. baldovinos0969 says:

    Our president is so awesome lol

  27. Vikram Lakshman says:

    Jimmy Fallon looks like Ted Mosby in this one.

  28. TOPOFFMAN says:

    POTUS………..Piece Of Turd Under Shitter

  29. TOPOFFMAN says:

    Your seething hatred of white people Is disturbing. You should seek out some counseling .

  30. How To Make Money Online says:

    Mình rất phục và bị obama thu hút .Thật sự đáng ngưỡng mộ

  31. Seasonchange1 says:

    Awesome President!!

  32. brett aughtry says:


  33. Tim Kerry says:

    See red state whites for the most are no more than terrorist, obstructionist and saboteurs.. they carry the remnants of being losers from the Civil war.. They can’t mix with the rest of the country cause the Federal Government took their slaves away and they haven’t been the same since.. I’ll be glad when they’re off the face of this earth.. Their whole culture was born out of hell and immorality.. that’s why they always have a bible in one hand and a gun in the other to blow their brains out

  34. Tim Kerry says:

    I’m one white guy who agrees with you..These whites from the red states are insane. Now they want to destroy the country economically cause they know the writing’s on the wall for them. Just heard Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are set to be dropped from the second-biggest radio network in the country Cumulus for being out of touch culturally with the rest of the country, That’s 40 stations across the country.. OUCH !!… That ole neo confederate culture is dying.. most are 60 and older

  35. ProDaner says:

    that was the wimpiest mic drop ive ever seen

  36. UndeadResitance says:

    Well George Washington was pretty good….HE WAS NUMBER OOOONNNE!

  37. TOPOFFMAN says:

    I’ve got a question. Why is it that you can’t see that you have been used as a tool by public educators and college professors to hate your own race?

    You are a left wing brainwashed zealot. You brag about your own race (white people) being in the minority by the year 2045. You just get ready for the bad news in November when the GOP takes control of both the house and senate next year. Obama will become a true lame duck and your frustration may just drive you to the brink of suicide. Wise up

  38. tauno stark says:

    Fallon is a tool and Obama is a lying anti-American crook.

  39. bilnext says:

    See this is the white red state pathology left over from them losing the Civil War.. They claim white privilege when all they know how to do is let their economies get exploited by elite republican Oligarchs leaving them with no tax base.. dependent on blue state tax dollars for survival and servant wage jobs because of right to work laws

  40. Hollye Me says:

    I got a question.. How can neo confederate whites claim white supremacy when they live in third world living conditions in rural counties in Red states run by Republicans ?..Lol

  41. jay perez says:

    When it comes to electing a president, we get our pick of two candidates. For Miss America, we get our choice of fiftty

  42. Wesley Prewett says:

    Bill Clinton was obviously the coolest

  43. missinterpreted65 says:

    Not looking forward to paying off my student loans :( UGHHHHH

  44. Dan Cameron says:

    Video: – Danger of Vaccines admitted -

  45. TOPOFFMAN says:

    More like Propaganda messages

  46. oneabee says:

    lol =D

  47. Iproductions0 says:

    haha we think alike

  48. CB Passive Income License Program Reviews says:

    I vote obama.He very power and friendly .I like style her

  49. Nandan Raghavan says:

    Ryan Gosling would get a bigger encore

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