Eastleigh Nairobi Garissa Lodge

  • Posted onSeptember 15th, 2012

Late last year I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya. I had the oppurtunity to go to the Kenya’s biggest business center EASTLEIGH ESTATE, nick named Little Mogadishu because of the large somali population that settled their since the collapsed of the Somali government in 1991. This place is over populated but its booming economic center. Enjoy.
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Nairobi Metropolitan Minister and acting Finance Minister Robinson Githae and Nairobi Town Clerk Philip Kisia have opposed legalizing prostitution as proposed by Nairobi Mayor George Aladwa.


  1. Chris Campbell says:

    Haha I was in the same situation. Good job though! I had to shoot from the hip 90% of the time. check out my video if you get a chance.

  2. Chris Campbell says:

    hey i just got back from working at a non-profit there in Eastleigh, check it out the trailer I made on my channel to support the organization called Made In The Streets!

  3. Baashaalka97 says:

    Sxb wax Fiican Maadan Soo Duubin Kaamiraddaba Ma fadhiso Wax laga fahmaayo malaha waxaa Duubtay sorry

  4. kakumazone5 says:

    very lousy video next time move the camera slowly and steadily

  5. sahaam2 says:

    true, they are haters, they are jealous about somalis booming economy and wealthy in easliegh

  6. honeylondon1 says:

    eastleigh is over crowded and the goverment doesn’t give a fuck i went there and i got sick aswell coz of the germs and luck of clean i hated but the rest of the country looked okay so the kenyan goverment are fucking racist

  7. hassanKaafi says:

    Eastleigh is bit rough. I didn’t like it at first too but after little while I got used to it and I actually end up liking it.

  8. hassanKaafi says:

    its in Jam street.

  9. utubemoister says:

    i dont remember this place at all
    where is lamushkil hotel?

  10. TheHawo123 says:

    I remember being there when I went on holiday in Kenya, God how much I hate Eastleigh! lol

  11. proudSomalisis says:

    ok!. lol. thx for repling.

  12. hassanKaafi says:

    Sorry about that man. People don’t like to be video taped in that part of the world and I was doing this secretly and therefore was panicking. lol.

  13. ruthsteve says:

    They might as well open Brothels!

  14. wilnnlights says:

    ….those hats and caps written njeru githae for governor….pffff

  15. nedatronics says:

    This should go to public debate and ultimately to referendum.

  16. mytime81 says:

    Good. Now that they have jumped to crucify Aladwa prostitution in Kenya will go away. I didn’t know its that easy. In fact prostitution is so unAfrican that in Koinange you only find white and Asian girls.

  17. NusuKappeti says:

    @siasabora: LOOOL… Langas!

  18. NusuKappeti says:

    : So true! Denying it is like denying people eat! :) Fala type huyu Minister!

  19. NusuKappeti says:

    Why do these city council workers/thugs/cops have such big bellies?

  20. 234stefani says:

    Mr.Minister ati its unethical and un-african right? But the fact remains its a booming thriving business and widely practiced so???? We can wish it away but reality remains.Mr.Minister yours is wishful thinking.Better regulate the vice,in that way you protect especially the women,advise on health matters especially AIDS and things like that.

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